Antipasti & Tapenades

A wonderful selection of antipasti & tapenades from the Mediterranean & organic pesto from both North & South West Sicily.

‘the sun drying of vegetables’ is an ancient practice which had almost been totally abandoned.  Although the work is delicate and difficult, a unique organoleptic result is achieved: the vitamin, protein and mineral content of the vegetables is preserved, while the aromatic profile and texture of the vegetables are maintained by drying and bottling within 8 hours of harvest.

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  • Jalepeno

    Greek Halkidiki Olive Selection

  • ????????????????????????????????????

    Green Olive Tapenade (organic)


    Caponata (organic)

  • marinated onions

    Marinated Sicilian Onions (organic)

  • Bruschetta

    Sicilian Bruschetta Mixes

  • Olives-1024x912

    Sicilian Nocellara Olives – marinated

  • Nocellara black

    Sicilian Black Olives

  • peppers stuffed with tuna

    Cherry Peppers stuffed with Tuna

    £7.25 £4.50
  • artichokes

    Sliced Artichokes – (organic)