Antipasti & Tapenades

A wonderful selection of vegetable antipasti and tapenades from Contadini in the Salento region of Puglia.

‘the sun drying of vegetables’ is an ancient practice which had almost been totally abandoned.  Although the work is delicate and difficult, a unique organoleptic result is achieved: the vitamin, protein and mineral content of the vegetables is preserved, while the aromatic profile and texture of the vegetables are maintained by drying and bottling within 8 hours of harvest.

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  • antipasto

    Sicilian Antipasto Capriccioso – a mixed vegetable antipasto in sunflower oil (vegetarian)

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    Green Olive Tapenade (organic) – creamy Sicilian pesto made from green olives and Sicilian oregano


    Caponata (organic) – a traditional mixed cooked vegetable antipasti from Sicily

  • Olives-1024x912

    Sicilian Nocellara Olives – marinated in a selection of infused olive oils

  • Nocellara black

    Sicilian Black Olives