Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Single estate, Extra Virgin olive oil from Tuscany, stone crushed and cold pressed. Grass green with full flavour and a peppery finish. Excellent for salads, dipping bread or drizzling over freshly cooked meats.

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Product Description

New season’s olive oil at last year’s prices!

Tuscan single estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil from close to San Gimignano, made in the traditional way by stone crushing before the first Cold Press and bottled unfiltered.  This vibrant green olive oil has a silky flavour with a peppery aftertaste, which makes it such a delight as a dressing for salads or for dipping bread, when the true flavour comes through.

Olive types:  Pentolino, Leccino, Fratoio, Moraiola

Available in five sizes

5 litre Tin with pouring nozzle
the useful 3 litre Bag-in-box with a built in tap for those who enjoy a good quantity of olive oil
1 litre tin with nozzle
500 ml tin with nozzle
250 ml bottle

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250 ml, 500 ml, 1 ltr, 3 ltr, 5 ltr

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