Huinter-style salami from Pedrazzoli
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Cacciatore (Hunter-style) Salami


A well flavoured ‘hunter-style’ salami to add to your antipasti platter

Product Description

From ‘a selection to satisfy the most extravagant of palates’ Pedrazzoli’s  salami are each unique in their own way.  Lean pork meat is seasoned with salt and crushed or ground pepper. This simple, mild taste is a base for the different flavourings.

A delicious addition to any antipasti platter, cold meat or charcuterie selection, sliced as thinly as possible for the best flavour.  Use as a pizza topping or add, roughly chopped and stirred into pasta or risotto.

Gluten free, dairy free, no added preservatives 

Approx 150 – 200g

Truffle, Garlic, Fennel & Milano Salami (organic)  also available + Fennel and Spicy salamis from Sicily