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Mrs Kirkham’s ‘Baby Lancashire’ Cheese


A whole ‘Baby Lancashire’ cheese from Mrs Kirkham’s Dairy, creamy, crumbly, lemony with the traditional ‘Lancashire’ tang.

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Product Description

 Being a Lancastrian, this one is close to Nick’s heart!

Known locally as ‘buttery crumble’ the texture is moist, crumbly and creamy with a rich lemony, yoghurty, savoury flavour with a distinctive ‘Lancashire’ tang at the end.

The curd from 3 days of cheese-making is combined to achieve the right level of acidity, creating the rich buttery taste unique to Lancashire cheese.

Unpasteurised Cow’s Milk with traditional animal rennet.

A wonderful addition to the cheese board, the handmade 1 – 1.3 kg ‘Baby Lancashire’ in the rind, is available in limited numbers and may have to be ordered.

Also available, the baby 200 g cheese comes in a white wax  (similar to our popular Black Waxed Cheddar) which retains the moisture for longer.  Perfect for adding to a hamper

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