Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire waxed cheese


Creamy, tangy Lancashire cheese with its traditional buttery crumble texture, encased in white wax.

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Product Description

Now a permanent feature on our cheese counter and being a Lancastrian, close to Nick’s heart!

Known locally as ‘buttery crumble’ the texture is moist, crumbly and creamy with a rich lemony, yoghurty, savoury flavour with a distinctive ‘Lancashire’ tang at the end.   A wonderful addition to the cheeseboard, the 200g cheese comes encased in white wax  (similar to our popular Black Waxed Cheddar) which retains the moisture for longer.

The curd from 3 days of cheese-making is combined to achieve the right level of acidity, creating the rich buttery taste unique to Lancashire cheese.

Unpasteurised Cow’s Milk with traditional animal rennet.

200g in White Wax

Also available in limited numbers as a whole 1 kg ‘Baby Lancashire’ cheese, encased in wax.

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