Smoked French Garlic


A subtly smoky mild and sweet garlic,

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Product Description


Smoked Garlic is a very versatile product and can be used in all manner of cooking.
As it is cold smoked, the garlic within remains raw and fresh and when eaten in this state in a salad perhaps, has a very subtle smoky flavour and is slightly sweeter and milder than its original white pre-smoked state.
When used in normal cooking the garlic tends to be quite mild and the subtle smokiness can be lost amongst other flavours, it is however still a very good quality garlic to use in this form of cooking.
Smoked Garlic really shows off its true flavours when roasted, when the garlic becomes a smoky, mild delight which can be used in many dishes.

Of course the garlic when hung in your Kitchen gives off a wonderful smoky garlic aroma which reminds you of its presence and keeps your taste buds tantalised.

A very versatile product which has many uses.


Fresh Garlic, Cold Smoked for 10 Days.

Additional Information

This Garlic is harvested at the end of July each year and then dried in either fields or large barns for 2 weeks. Following this it is woven into plaits and then hung up inside large Smoke Houses for up to 10 days until the outer husk becomes a glorious copper brown colour. The Garlic remains edible until well into the following year if kept in dry, cool or ambient temperatures. Do not store in a fridge

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