Baked AnellettiAnelletti dish

Anelletti – Sicilian Pasta rings, used in a classic baked pasta dish with pork & beef


Back in stock! Freshly made for us in Sicily

Sicilian Durum wheat pasta in traditional ring shapes – used for the classic baked dish, Anelletti alla Palermitana, as featured in Rick Stein’s ‘Long Weekends’

Product Description

Traditional Sicilian Durum wheat pasta – a favourite for children and the ideal pasta for adding to soups and casseroles or for the classic baked pasta dish: Anelletti alla Palermitana as mentioned in Rick Stein’s latest book – ‘Long Weekends’.  This dish could also be made with this producer’s Macaroni Rigati.

Made in traditional ring shapes – make your own ‘spaghetti hoops’ with a fresh tomato sauce or the Sicilian Passata!

Ingredients:  Sicilian Durum wheat semolina, water.    (Egg free)

500 g

Cooking time:  8-10 minutes.  

Also available, Busiate, Fusilli Tricolore, Squid Ink Shells, Macaroni Rigati



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