Italian Nougat (Torrone)


SPECIAL OFFER – Buy two, get one Free!  Traditional honey and almond confectionary from Italy, a choice or soft or crispy. 75g boxes


Product Description

SPECIAL OFFER – Buy Two, get one Free!

One of the many delicacies that Italy showcases, especially during Christmas is torrone. There are many different varieties according to regional traditions, some recipes dating back to Roman times.  Torrone – nougat – is typically made from honey, sugar, egg white and toasted nuts and/or dried fruits.

There are two main types, soft and chewy, cooked for no longer than 2 hours or hard and crispy, cooked for 12 hours.

Dolciaria Stocco nougat is produced in Agostini, from whom we have chosen four varieties:

Torrone Friable Mandorle – crispy with almonds

Torrone Tenero Mandorle – soft with almonds

Available as 75g bars, ideal for a hamper or stocking present
150g bars also available

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Crisp Almond, Soft Almond