Panforte (small) – traditional Italian dried fruit and nut sweetmeat, as good with cheese as it is with strong coffee!


Traditional spiced fruit and nut cake, perhaps one of the oldest sweetmeats in Italy in a choice of 3 flavours.

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Product Description

Il Panforte – traditional spiced dried fruit and nut cake, perhaps one of the oldest sweetmeats in Italy, often eaten at the end of a meal accompanied by strong coffee and liqueur.  Equally good on the cheeseboard, paired with a strong hard cheese such as a Cheddar or aged Pecorino (Normanno) or a soft Brie-style cheese such as Bath soft.

A choice of 3 flavours of Panforte from Volterra in Tuscany:

Tradtional Margherita
ingredients:  almonds, candied orange, candied citrus peel, candied melon, sugar, wheat flour, honey, water, spices

Fig & Walnut
ingredients: candied fig, walnut, sugar, wheat flour, honey, water

Panpepato – Panforte with chocolate
ingredients:  wheat flour, honey, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, candied orange, raisin, chocolate, water, spices, pepper

Traditionally paper-wrapped           150g

larger 500g Panforte also available

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Chocolate, Fig & Nut, Margherita