Silver Ribbon Traditionale Balsamic Vinegar
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‘Traditionale’ Balsamic Vinegar – Silver Ribbon

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HALF PRICE! Very Special offer! Traditional Modena Balsamic Vinegar approx 15 yrs old.

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Product Description

A VERY SPECIAL OFFER – HALF PRICE while stocks last!

A 15-year aged Balsamic vinegar bottled in the classic traditionale bottle with the rectangular base. Matured in rare Juniper wood casks to give a unique flavour.
Use as a condiment for any grilled meats, cheeses or a few drops with strawberries.

The ultimate in Balsamic vinegar and a must for the gourmet with knowledge of this wonderful product. Each bottle is certified, numbered and sealed.

SPECIAL OFFER  £65.00 while stocks last.    (Usual price £120.00)



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