Seashore Scented Candle


Saltwater, sand and the windswept sea with the mineral scent of rugged rocks.

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Product Description

Saltwater, sand and the windswept sea with the mineral scent of rugged rocks – reminiscent of holidays on the coast or freshly laundered sheets! The perfect gift.

Our scented candles are made by a local Wiltshire candle maker, North East of Bath and each is hand poured into a beautiful glass container.  Currently available in four glorious scents, evocative of fruits, herbs and the seashore.
Using high quality fragrances, natural soy wax and finest wicks for that ultimate result. Soya has been grown as a crop in America for a decade without any need for de-forestation and loss of wildlife habitat.

Soya is both smokeless and slow burning

Available in 5 sizes:  (due to high demand, the larger candles are being made to order and we have been asked to quote a 7 day delivery time)
Votive – 16 hours burning                  £4.95
Tumblers – 40 hours burning           £14.95
Small 3 Wick – 50 hours burning     £18.95
Large 3 Wick – 60 hours burning    £24.95
Tall Column – 70 hours + burning  £35.00

Others scents available:
Wild Fig & Cassis
Green Orange & Coriander
Orange, Cinnamon & Clove – Christmas only

1.  Please keep away from direct sunlight and prolonged heat
2.  To achieve the best results, burn for at least 2 hours

Additional Information


Column, Large 3 Wick, Round Tumbler, Small 3 Wick, Votive

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