chocolate panettone

Duca d’Alba Chocolate Panettone 750g – best served warm with cream!


Chocolate panettone with chocolate nibs – a wonderful alternative to Christmas Pudding, served warm with cream!

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Product Description

Duca d’Alba Cioccolato – Italian Panettone with chocolate pieces .

All panettone are both made and wrapped by hand, using a natural sourdough yeast and fresh ingredients of only the finest quality.  Slow leavening takes 72 hours, ensuring that the flavours and quality are protected.  ‘Tradition is our main ingredient and passion warms our ovens’.
Enjoy with friends, accompanied traditionally by a glass of chilled Prosecco.  Equally good with freshly brewed coffee or a dessert wine. Try with cheese, use for a sumptuous ‘bread and butter pudding’.
Chocolate Panettone may be served slightly warm – an excellent pudding!

A wonderful present at Ingredients:

Ingredients: Wheat Flour,Chocolate solids, fresh eggs, mountain butter, Sunflower Oil, Almond Flour, Wheat starch, Natural Sourdough Yeast, Italian Honey, Fresh Cream, Fresh Milk, Cocoa butter , Madagascar natural Vanilla)

750 g

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