Farinata Tanti , gluten & dairy free

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Buy one, get one free!   Wheat & dairy free chickpea flour base for pizza.  A speciality of Piedmont


Product Description

A speciality of Piedmont, chick pea flour base for Pizza or use as you would Polenta as an accompaniment to your main meal.  GLUTEN (Wheat) & DAIRY free and unbelievably easy to use!

The name ‘Tanti’ originated  from a character who sold ‘porridge’ in the old straw paper serving from a tricycle in the streets of Nizza Monferrato.  The story goes that its origin was back in 1284 when warships returning to Genoa were caught in a storm which caused oil to spill from a few barrels into the cargo of chickpea flour.  Both were covered in salty sea water which created a shapeless mass but which saved the sailors from starvation.  This mixture was then baked in later years to give a type of pancake, named ‘the gold of Pisa’.  Today it is used in different ways in various parts of Italy, known as porridge, farinata or gruel.

Just mix with water and olive oil, pour into an oiled baking tray and watch it bubble and rise!

Slice from the oven and eat alone, or top with tomato, cheese, hams, olives, capers and other Mediterranean delights to share with family and friends. In some regions of Italy it will be enriched with mushrooms, blue cheese, soft cheese or sausage. Try with a sparkling red wine such as Brachetto which marries well with the succulence of the chickpea flour.

Available in Rosemary or Pizza (Tomato) flavours.

Ingredients: chickpea flour, tomato paste or rosemary, salt.


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Rosemary, Tomato

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