South Hill Park

You tasted the difference!

Deli vs Supermarket

We are delighted that our tasting event last weekend was so well attended by our loyal customers. And aren’t you a clever bunch!  We feel like proud parents. As far as we are concerned, you got all the questions correct! You were asked to taste the difference between our GN tuna, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, cheddar cheese, panettone and pesto and supermarket equivalents.

The GN products were preferred in almost all instances. It appears that a blind tasting really can detect authenticity and lack of additives. The added bonus with Gastro Nicks products is the traceability and provenance. We have known for a long time that our products taste better than those from the supermarket and we are very pleased that you have all had the opportunity to do a direct comparison and agree.

As you know, we always have samples available to try so don’t be afraid to ask the next time you are in.