Fresh Fish Menu – from our Delicatessen only

This week’s  Fresh Fish landings:  (due in on Thursday 30th & Friday 1st July)

Plaice                                                             £ 15.50/kg
Sea Bass (farmed)                                       £ 13.95 /kg
Sea Bream (farmed)                                   £ 12.95 /kg
Megrim Sole                                                 £ 12.00 /kg
Hake Fillet                                                     £ 21.50 /kg
(Frozen) Potted Shrimps                            £ 4.75 each
Scallops                                                          £ 1.50 each
Fresh South Coast Dressed Crab               £ 7.50 each
Mussels                                                          £ 7.95 / kg

French Fish Soup                                          £ 8.75 each
French Crab Soup                                        £ 8.75 each
French Lobster Bisque                                £ 9.75 each
Smoked Salmon or Gravadlax 200g         £ 9.95 each – to order
Pickled Samphire   £ 5.95          Tartare Sauce  £ 4.85
Fresh Samphire                                            £ 1.80 /100g

To order only:

For the BBQ:     Fish Kebabs   £ 4.50 each
**Live Fresh Native Lobster                        £ 35.00 /kg
Oysters (minimum x 6)                             £ 1.50 each
Dorset Clams (min 1 kg)                           £ 16.50 /kg

Selection of freshly prepped fish portions (vacuum packed)
2 x Wild Sea Bass (H/O & G)
Manx Kippers                                £ 12.95 /kg
Tiger Prawns (frozen)                  £ 19.50 /kg
Salad Prawns (frozen)                 £3.50 /100g
Squid Rings (frozen)
Whitebait (frozen)                       £3.50 /bag

Did you know that we can prepare and vacuum pack your fish ready for the freezer?  Please ask ……

Nick will always prepare fresh fish to your requirements – please ring or email us to reserve your order for collection –   or call on 01264 852701 to avoid disappointment

If there is an order that you would like to place for a special occasion, please let us know in good time.  eg: summer specials – fresh lobster, crab or whole fish

We usually have a small amount of freshly prepped and vacuum frozen fish available, until the next boat comes in.
This may include Turbot, Brill, Lemon Sole, Plaice, Hake, Haddock, Monkfish, Gurnard, Tuna Loin, Swordfish Loin, Undyed Smoked Haddock and shellfish.