Italian panforte fruit & nuts

Panforte (small – 150g)


Traditional spiced fruit and nut cake, perhaps one of the oldest sweetmeats in Italy in a choice of 3 flavours.

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Product Description

Il Panforte – originally invented by nuns from Siena, traditional spiced dried fruit and nut cake, perhaps one of the oldest sweetmeats in Italy, often eaten at the end of a meal accompanied by strong coffee and liqueur.  Equally good on the cheeseboard, paired with a strong hard cheese such as a Cheddar or aged Pecorino (Normanno) or a soft Brie-style cheese such as Bath soft.

A choice of 3 flavours of Panforte from Volterra in Tuscany:

Tradtional Margherita
ingredients:  almonds, candied orange, candied citrus peel, candied melon, sugar, wheat flour, honey, water, spices

Fig & Walnut
ingredients: candied fig, walnut, sugar, wheat flour, honey, water

Panpepato – Panforte with chocolate
ingredients:  wheat flour, honey, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, candied orange, raisin, chocolate, water, spices, pepper

Traditionally paper-wrapped           150g

larger 500g and medium 250g Panforte also available

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Chocolate, Fig & Nut, Margherita

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