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Greek Halkidiki Olive Selection


Special offer – Buy two, get one FREE! A selection of plump Greek olives, stuffed with a choice of lemon, orange, garlic or Jalapeno pepper


Product Description

SPECIAL OFFER – Buy two get one FREE!

Large pale green Greek olives, oval in shape and harvested while young.  Also known as ‘donkey olive’ due to the large size, they are grown exclusively in Greece in the Halkidiki region, adjacent to Mount Athos. Perfect for picnics.

‘We cure our olives the “slow”, traditional way, avoiding pasteurization or sterilization of the fruit,thus not affecting their flavour, texture or nutrients. We pick our olives when not truly ripe, carefully handling them to prevent bruising, and placing them in strong brine.That’s it! Our olives are now ready to eat.This is how we keep them crispy, with a perfectly natural flavour, color and texture. These are the olives of one of the finest and most mouthwatering varieties of the world, with no preservatives, no additives nor artificial colors.Olives from the tree to the table’.

Choose from Whole Plain, Plain Pitted or Stuffed with Lemon, Orange, Garlic or Jalapeno pepper

150 g pouch  (vacuum packed)


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Garlic, Jalapeno, Lemon, Orange, Pitted, Plain