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Amaretti Biscuits


Crisp Italian almond flavoured biscuits, traditionally eaten with coffee or Vin Santo or used as a base for many desserts

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Product Description

Italian almond flavoured macaroons – Amaretti del Chiostro…..wonderful amaretti biscuits, crisp and crunchy.  Eaten alone with Vin Santo or coffee, they are also often used as a base for desserts and cheesecakes.

The legend of the Amaretti recipe dates back to the 18th century when the Cardinal of Milan visited the town of Saronno.  The legend tells that the two young lovers mixed sugar, apricot kernels and egg white to serve to the Cardinal.  The slowly baked biscuits turned out to have a bittersweet aftertaste and were then named Amaretti (bitter).

Ingredients:  sugar, apricot kernels, egg white. May contain traces of nuts

50g  Window box.  Amaretti Tower Tin also available

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