Dry cured Italian pork shoulder
PaniniAntipasti  platter

Coppa- Italian pork shoulder (organic)


Dry cured organic Italian pork shoulder, full and fruity, ideal as part of an antipasti platter

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Product Description

Coppa or capocollo is a full flavoured organic dry cured cut taken from whole muscle.

The meat is first lightly seasoned, often with red and sometimes with white wine, garlic, herbs and spices and then salted.  Placed in a natural casing, it is then hung for up to six months to cure.  The flavour will vary slightly depending on the type of pig.

Esteemed for its delicate flavour and tender, fatty texture.  Good enough to eat as part of an antipasti or charcuterie platter, it is also delicious wrapped round chicken or scallops while cooking or just fried as thin, crispy bacon (particularly good in a salad).

 Ingredients:  Pork, salt, aromatic herbs and spices

approx. 100g  vacuum packed