Traditionally made Cropwell Bishop Stilton

Cropwell Bishop Stilton


Traditionally made Stilton using local milk and vegetarian rennet.  A must for the festive cheese board

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Product Description

A traditionally made Blue Stilton from Cropwell Bishop using methods that have changed little since the 17th century. Made using a vegetarian rennet and approximately 78 litres of fresh, local milk. It is normally aged for 12 weeks to allow the Stilton to develop its unique flavour.

A rich tangy flavour and a velvety-soft texture creating a melt-in-the-mouth experience.
Serve with Port, a pudding wine, a rounded red wine such as Cantina Fiorentino Organic Primitivo, with walnuts and honey (Italian style) and a stick of celery, any fruity chutney and plain crackers or crusty bread.

Lightly vacuumed for transport

This is the only Stilton to have been served on Concorde! Winner of several awards including
Supreme Champion of 2009 Nantwich International Cheese Show
Supreme Champion of 2016 Great Yorkshire Show