Pistachio pecorino

Pecorino with Pistachio


Young Sicilian pecorino cheese, made from pasteurised Sheep’s milk with the addition of nibbed Sicilian pistachio nuts.


Product Description

A young pasteurised Sicilian sheep’s milk pecorino cheese with the addition of Pistachio nuts. Aged for approximately 8-10 days. A delicate change of texture. Try with Fig Crackers and Siclian Fig Jam or Honey.

Available as a ‘wedge‘ of approx 250 g (small)  or as a whole cheese of approx 1.5 kg (large)

Other flavours available: With Truffle, Fantasia – Rocket, green olives stuffed with red pepper, chilli and Normanno – a semi aged Pecorino marinated in Balsamic Vinegar


Additional Information


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