David Clarke

Sparkenhoe – traditional Red Leicester


Traditionally made Red Leicester cheese, nutty, mellow and rich tasting with a lasting flavour.  Price per 200g

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Product Description

A traditional English cheese from Leicestershire, recognised by the characteristic deep orange colour.  The texture is firm and chewy yet pleasantly moist. ~The flavour is nutty, mellow and rich taste and long lasting flavour

‘Sparkenhoe’ is made by David and Jo Clarke in a totally authentic way using the farm’s unpasteurised milk. The milk from the previous day’s milking is pumped across from the parlour to the cheese room at 4 am. An old recipe discovered by Jo and David is then followed and traditional animal rennet added. Annatto is then added to give the cheese its rich orange colour. Annatto is a natural plant dye obtained from a South American bush. The curds and whey are then scalded gently and separated. The curds are cut into blocks and turned to release further whey. They are then put through the mill and salt is added. The cheese is put into moulds and pressed for 24 hours, turned and pressed for a further 24 hours. The cheeses are bound in cloth and lard and matured for 6 months in the store at 10 degrees. The cheeses are a traditional shape being made in large wheels of 10Kgs and 20Kgs.’

Price per 200g

Unpasteurised Cow’s milk, Animal rennet