Mostarda Voghera
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Mostarda di Voghera


Whole candied fruit in a mustard syrup, a speciality or northern Italy.  Wonderful with meats, cheeses or in rice dishes.

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A northern Italian speciality, mixed candied fruits steeped in a mustard syrup, wonderful with cold or hot meats, cheeses or stirred into a rice salad for a warming winter dish or a spicy addition to the summer alfresco buffet.

The original formula involved the use of cooked must mixed with mustard grains to create a spicy sauce that married well with roasted meats. The Voghera Mustard was known in Milan in the C14th.  There are many variations for each region, some with certain types of fruit and others mixed, whole or in pieces.

Ingredients:  assorted fruit – (cherries, apricot, pears, figs, peaches), sugar, glucose syrup, mustard flavour, antioxidant – sulphur dioxide