Goan Rice
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Goan Rice (Gluten Free)


Distinctive ‘red’ Goan rice, with a slightly nutty flavour, excellent with fish or coconut milk based curries or as a base for rice salad.  Naturally low in starch. Gluten Free.

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Product Description

Traditional Goan ‘par-boiled’ rice (‘ukdem tandel’).  This is an unpolished rice with a reddish brown colour, also known as ‘red rice’, specially milled to leave distinctive red streaks.  It has a unique firm texture, thick grain and slightly nutty flavour, ideal for serving with fish and coconut milk based curries.

Red rice has been pre-cooked with its husk before being dried again.  It contains less starch and is therefore not as sticky as most varieties and conserves more of the nutrients in the grain when the rice is cooked, especially Thiamine, considered good for diabetics.

The rice takes longer to cook compared to regular raw rice (40 -50 minutes), but the grains separate well, making it suitable for rice salads when the grains are easily coated with a dressing.


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