Blueberry Balsamic Dressing – Remodena


Sweet, fruity and bursting with Blueberries, the latest addition to our range of Remodena Balsamic Dressings

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Product Description

The latest addition to our ReModena range, we couldn’t resist their Blueberry Dressing – the result of a marvellous combination of barrel aged balsamic vinegar, Blueberrys, wine vinegar and cooked must. It is a unique recipe that is perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes. This dense, aromatic dressing transmits the essence of its ripe fruit flavour.

Dark and velvety with a delicious subtle fruity sweetness and low acidity.

Use as glaze for roast or grilled pork, chicken, lamb or baked salmon. A little goes a long way with freshly sliced charcuterie.  Try in a dressing for a Burrata, griddled mandarin and pomegranate salad.  Drizzle over roasted vegetables such as young English Asparagus, mushrooms or aubergine.  Wonderful paired with lemon infused olive oil drizzled over fruit, Greek yoghurt or a beetroot salad.
Desserts?  Ginger Ice Cream with fresh Blueberries and Blueberry Dressing. Poached or baked pears with Blueberry Dressing and Mascarpone……

A refreshing drink when mixed with honey and hot water

250 mls

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