Remodena organic citrus dressing

Citrus Balsamic Vinegar Dressing – Remodena


Bright, fruity organic dressing with a citrus vein.  Perfect for summer salads, fish or baking.

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Product Description

ReModena Yellow Label is the result of a marvellous combination of barrel aged balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, wine vinegar and cooked must. It is a unique recipe that is perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes. This dense, aromatic dressing transmits the essence of its citrus flavour with a rounded, velvety, low acidity.

A straw yellow colour, bright and clear. An intense pleasantly fruity flavour, clean and fresh with a citrus vein and low acidity,

Perfect for salads, raw or grilled vegetables, fish, fresh fruit, ice cream and fruit salads or lemon cakes. Excellent for decorating and garnishing dishes and for seasoning after preparation

A refreshing drink when mixed with honey and hot water

250 mls

Raspberry, Apple, Fig and Truffle Balsamic Dressings  also available

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