Pico Maccario Dolcevita

Pico Maccario Dolcevita Moscato D’Asti


Delicate lightly sparkling sweet wine from Asti.  Chill well as an alternative low alcohol aperitif or pair with fruit or citrus desserts.

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Product Description

Producer:            Pico Maccario
Region:                Piedmont, d’Asti region
Grape variety:    Moscato Bianco
Food pairing:      Shellfish, olives, sweet citrus or fruit desserts

75 cl                   5% abv                  cork seal

Moscato Bianco is the oldest member of the Muscat family. one of the oldest grape varieties in the world. .

It may be produced in a number of wine styles and sweetness levels, each with its own regional tradition.  Sparkling and slightly sparkling examples such as Pico Maccario’s are typically sweeter and tend towards melon flavours, with sweet, grapey smells. Dessert wines are typically produced in this way, whereas the dry varietals of the grape show a range of citrus, floral and spice aromas with a full, dry palate.

As Moscato Bianco, the variety is planted all over Italy and makes up a significant proportion of white wine production there. It is most famously made as sparkling Asti or semi-sparkling Moscato d’Asti, vast volumes of which are exported annually. Moscato is sweet, fresh and low in alcohol, making it a popular choice for before or after dinner.
Ideal pairing would be the following:
  • Shellfish Ravioli
  • Lemon meringue tarts
  • Caramel slice

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