pizza at home kit

‘Pizza at Home’ Kit


Entertaining family or friends?  All you need to create your own basic pizzas to cook at home…..

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Product Description

Are you entertaining at home? Do you have your own pizza oven?

We have all you need to make your own basic pizzas at home, using authentic, top quality Italian products.  Included will be a list of some of our favourite Gastro Nicks toppings to give you inspiration!

8 thin crust sourdough pizza bases – no need to roll out, they come ready made, vacuum sealed for freshness in a pack of 4.
These can be frozen unopen for later use

Passata (1 ltr) – first, thinly spread this smooth tomato sauce over the base before adding mozzarella. Use any left over for pasta, soups or sauces

Mozzarella ( 1 kg) – sprinkle over the passata, not too thickly.  Any left over can be frozen until you need it again.

 Salami Piccante (500g) – ready sliced for a pepperoni style pizza

You can also add any of the following to your pizza package:

Dried herbs  or dried chilli herbs
Parmesan 250g
Milano Salami – a plain salami for those who prefer less spice
Chilli infused olive oil

of your choice – sip while you prepare and cook

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Plain, Spicy