Organic Wellness Tea Collection
Organic Wellness Tea Collection

Organic Wellness Tea Collection


A gift collection of 2 each of 6 Sri Lankan teas in silken pyramid tea bags

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Product Description

A collection of 2 each of 6 Sri Lankan Teas in silken pyramid tea bags in a clear gift box.

Produced by ETS from selected organic and fairtrade farmers in Sri Lanka, the home of the finest Ceylon tea.  They will never fail to surprise with their wonderful range of flavours, from classic English Breakfast and elegantly perfumed Earl Grey to the exciting tisanes.

The art of tea farming at these small plantations cannot be missed.  Much of its credit goes to the amazing farmers who painstakingly struggle with the soil to get the maximum produce without the use of chemical fertilisers.  They also fight the problems of erosion and waste management while ensuring the sustainability of the planet.

The Wellness Collection comprises 2 each of the following:

Detox Me, Happy Me, Sleepy Me, Slim Me, Revive Me, Sensual Me

Examples of the ingredients are as follows:
Detox Me:  Ingredients: Organic peppermint, organic spearmint, organic fenugreek, organic fennel seeds, organic elderflowers, organic turmeric, organic lemon peels, organic nettle, organic rosemary, organic licorice, organic marigold.

Revive Me:  Ingredients: Organic white tea, organic moringa, organic rosehip, organic cinnamon pieces, organic lemongrass, organic spearmint, organic nettle, organic ginseng.

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