Busiate bundle
BusiateTossed Salad

Busiate ‘Bundle – Gastro’s Pasta Meal Deal!

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A selection of ingredients based around traditional spiral shaped Sicilian pasta

Product Description

If you enjoy using Busiate pasta, we have put together a ‘bundle’ of  ingredients for you to create other dishes based around this traditional Sicilian durum wheat pasta.

Busiate pasta (500g) – Durum wheat, egg free – little spirals
250 mls  Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – cold pressed, single estate
250 mls 4 yrs aged Balsamic Vinegar – Modena – light but pleasantly sweet
Approx 300 g Parmesan Cheese   (23 months)
Organic Sicilian Caponata (mixed vegetables) – tomatoes, peppers, aubergine, courgette, celery

Toss your cooked pasta in the Caponata and heat through, sprinkle with freshly grated parmesan.  Alternatively, prepare the Busiate and simply toss in olive oil and grated parmesan  and enjoy with a mixed salad tossed in Sicilian Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar (in a ratio of 3:1)

We have also put together similar ‘bundles’ with our other Sicilian pastas:
Tricolore or the classic Anelletti

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