Traditionally produced Panettone from Loison in Vicenza.  Dario is passionate about all he creates and rightly so.  His wonderful Panettone, in so many flavours, are like no others.  Moist, full of flavour and the aroma is intense when the packaging is first opened.
Every year brings new packaging from his artist wife Sonia, making these Italian cakes a beautiful gift for friends or family.

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  • classic panettone

    ‘Mini’ Panettone – 100g

  • Panettone classic 'royal'

    Classic Panettone ‘Royal’ 500 g

  • Traditinally made Cherry & Cinnamon Panettone

    Cherry & Cinnamon Panettone ‘Veneziana’, 550g

  • noel16

    Panettone Noel ‘Frutta’- 500 g

  • Mandarin panettone

    Mandarin Panettone ‘Frutta’ – 500g

  • Traditionally made Lemon Panettone with a lemon cream

    Lemon Panettone ‘Frutta’

  • Traditionally made Fig panettone

    Fig Panettone ‘Frutta’ – 500g

  • Traditionally made Morello cherry Panettone

    Morello Cherry Panettone ‘Frutta’ – 500g

  • Chocolate panettone in button themed jewelled box

    Chocolate Panettone – ‘Buttons’ – 600g