Sicilian Specialities

Sicilian food produce sourced from all over Sicily, to remind you of the island.  Many of these producers have now become friends and it is wonderful to work with these people, who are often third or fourth generation in their trade and to champion their cause and we enjoy supplying from our Delicatessen here in Wiltshire, UK

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  • Sicilian Capers in sea salt

    Capers in Sea Salt

  • dried-Oregano-tn

    Sicilian Dried Oregano

  • Traditional Sicilian pasta rings

    Anelletti Pasta – Sicily

  • Sicilian Busiata pasta

    Busiata Pasta – Sicily

  • marinated onions

    Marinated Sicilian Onions (organic)

  • Sicilian organic tomato sauce

    Sicilian Organic Cherry Tomato Sauce

  • Italian Tomato & Basil Pasta sauce

    Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce

  • natural lemon infused Sicilian sea salt

    Infused Natural Sicilian Sea Salts

  • Natrural Sicilian Sea Salt

    Sicilian Natural Sea Salt