Pasta, Pesto & Sauces

Italian & Sicilian artisan Pasta, Pesto & sauces organically produced in Sicily. Many of these are made from locally grown vegetables, hand-picked and bottled.  They have a multitude of uses, from pasta sauces to toppings for canapés and crostini.  Perfect for an impromptu gathering, a store-cupboard essential. Enjoy experimenting with them!

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  • GF Spaghetti

    Gluten Free Linguine

  • Sicilian organic tomato sauce

    Sicilian Organic Cherry Tomato Sauce

  • Italian Tomato & Basil Pasta sauce

    Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce

  • Italian Porcini Mushoorm Sauce

    Porcini Mushroom Pasta Sauce

  • classic spicy pasta sauce

    Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce

  • Italian dried herb mixes for cooking

    Italian Herb Mixes

  • Traditional Sicilian Anelletti pasta

    Anelletti Pasta – Sicily

  • spaghetti with black cuttlefish ink

    Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia

  • Busiate

    Busiata Pasta – Sicily