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Sicilian Salami (Gluten free)


Succulent and mildly aromatic Sicilian Fennel or plain Salami, produced from free range pigs.

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Product Description

Wonderful Sicilian salami, sourced direct from producers in the North West. Please choose from the following using the options boxes.

 Pasqualora (fennel) Traditionally made and eaten at Easter, with the addition of whole fennel seeds giving an aromatic flavour.  The fennel seeds can be seen when the salami is thinly sliced.

Mild plain A delicious well flavoured plain salami.  Use as part of an antipasti platter, add to pasta, salads or to accompany shellfish such as Scallops.

All are made by a small family producer, using free range pigs. They are both Gluten free. Slice thinly for a charcuterie platter or add to an antipasti selection.

Approx 200g vacuum packed for transport

contains sodium nitrate as a preservative


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Fennel, Plain