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Scamorza (smoked) Sicilian cow’s milk semi-soft cheese


A soft pasteurised smoked cow’s milk cheese from north west Sicily, often used in place of mozzarella for a stronger and more distinctive flavour.

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Product Description

Scamorza Fiorella, a pasteurised cow’s milk cheese produced in north west Sicily, very similar to the pear-shaped Provolone.

This is a ‘stretched’ curd cheese in which the curds mature in their own whey for a few hours to allow acidity to develop.  The cheese is then usually tied with string (known as ‘strangling’) and then left to dry.  This cheese is a smoked variety –  Scamorza is often used as a replacement for mozzarella where a stronger and more dominant flavour is required.  It melts particularly well in baking.

Originating in Apulia and Calabria, Scamorza is more often made in the south of Italy.

200g        vacuum wrapped for transportation.