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Marsala – fortified Sicilian wine


Marsala, a fortified wine originating in Sicily, dry or sweet.  Delicious as an aperitif but equally good as a desert wine or with cheese


Product Description

A unique tasting fortified Sicilian wine, often used as an ingredient in both sweet or savoury dishes but also pairs wonderfully with some hard-to-match foods such as asparagus, Brussels sprouts or chocolate.

The complex wine making process only uses Sicilian indigenous grapes such as Grillo which is then fortified with brandy or neutral grape spirit.  A cooked grape must (Mosto Cotto) is added to give Amber Marsala its deeper colour.

The most common flavours are vanilla, brown sugar, stewed apricot and tamarind but the higher end, drier Marsalas will give hints of tobacco, walnut and liquorice.

The wine is divided into several styles from Dry (Secco) to Sweet (Dolce) (out of stock)
 Secco can be used in the same way as a dry sherry and is a wonderful pairing for olives and antipasti, served slightly chilled.  In cooking Secco is typically used for savoury entrées where it adds a nutty flavour to beef, turkey, veal or mushrooms.

Dolce can be offered as a dessert wine with cantuccini or panforte.  In cooking it is typically used to make very sweet or thick sauces such as Zabaglione or Tiramisu and with savoury dishes such as chicken or pork. (currently out of stock)

75 cl      18% abv          cork sealed

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Dry, Sweet