Dry passito style wine

Fiorentino Macaro Passito (organic)


A dry passito style wine from Puglia, well suited to chocolate desserts or blue cheeses

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Product Description

Producer:           Cantina Fiorentino
Region:               Galatina, Salento peninsular, Puglia
Grape Variety:   Aleatico and Malvasia (organically produced)
Food pairing:      Blue cheeses or chocolate desserts

15% abv       75 cl            Cork sealed

Made in the passito style, with grapes sundried on racks.  The wine is then fermented in stainless steel tanks and barrel aged for 6 years before bottling, giving a richness and depth to this surpringly dry wine, which could almost be mistaken for sherry.

Well chilled, this makes an elegant dessert wine particularly suited to chocolate based dishes.  Alternatively the Macaro could be served at room temperature with a variety of blue cheeses.