Scout & Sage London Dry Gin

Scout & Sage London Dry Gin


A locally made London Dry Gin with cardamom at its fore, with the addition of zesty orange peel.

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Product Description

New in..…..We are very excited to stock a locally produced gin of such good quality.

Scout & Sage is the brainchild of Holly Bowers, set up in 2018 and this London Dry Gin is the first gin to be distilled at her micro distillery in Wiltshire in her traditional copper pot still, named Maud.  Every bottle is signed by the distiller to enhance the small batch nature.

Scout & Sage includes 10 botanicals, such as cardamom, Seville orange and pink peppercorn, listed on the front label for you.  There is a subtle sweetness of cassia bark with hints of floral lavender from the compounds of the cubeb berries.  Distilled using a high load of juniper, giving a lovely piney finish exactly as it should be from a classic gin.

No colourings, flavourings or sweeteners may be added to a traditionally made London Dry Gin before or after distillation takes place.

The unique flavour is well balanced and it’s bold character means it can be mixed with a wide variety of tonics.  We suggest an Indian tonic, plenty of ice and a simple, sweet garnish of zesty orange peel for a thirst quenching and reliably quaffable G&T, with cucumber (which goes so well with juniper based gins) as an alternative.

40% abv       70 cl