Sheep Dip
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Sheep Dip Whisky

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An 8 yr old blended malt Scotch whisky

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Product Description

An eight-year old blended whisky made by blending sixteen different single malt whiskies, aged between eight and twelve years in quality ‘first fill’ wood.

A fresh, mouthwatering grassy style with a touch of spice. Sweet and floral with honey, fruit and malt.  Rich and full bodied on the palate, spicy, fruity and nutty with gradual smokiness. A long and spicy finish.

The name is derived from British farmers long referring to whisky as ‘sheep dip’. When farmers distilled their own ‘home-made’ whisky, they avoided paying tax to the revenue by marking the barrels ‘Sheep Dip’.

70 cl                              40% abv

Also available – Pig’s Nose (a Five year blended whisky) from the same producer


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