italian speck



Dry cured, lightly smoked pork loin from north west Italy

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Product Description

Dry cured Speck is much lighter in flavour than the heavily smoked hams found north of the Alps, but more robust than the delicate, Mediterranean-influenced prosciutto made in Parma

After three weeks of dry curing, the hams are gently smoked, using low-resin wood at a carefully controlled low temperature, over a period of several months,  to ensure that the meat remains sweet and takes on a mildly smoky flavour to compliment the distinctive seasoning.

Thinly sliced Speck, bread and wine could form a holy trinity that is the most basic of meals; you need only include a local cheese, pickles and a bit of fruit to complete the meal.

 Try using Speck when cooking,  in the same way you would prosciutto. Crumbled speck, crisped in a pan, with a bit of cream and some fresh herbs makes a delightful sauce for pasta or fresh asparagus. Or, try some speck in a frittata with sautéed shallots, wild mushrooms and Pecorino.

Approx 100 g, vacuum packed