Warm Salad of Goat's Cheese, Pancetta, Grapes & Blueberry Balsamic

Warm Salad of Goat’s Cheese, Pancetta & Roast Grapes with Blueberry Balsamic

Blueberries and Goats Cheese are just a beautiful marriage! This is a delicious lunch or even a starter (reduce the portion size of cheese etc.); its also really easy to convert to a vegetarian dish, simply replace the pancetta with walnuts.

(This serves two, so scale up as required.)


    • 2 slices Goats Cheese about 150g each
    • About 20 red seedless grapes
    • 150g smoked pancetta, either pre-chopped or cut into matchsticks
    • • 2 slices sourdough or other good country bread (about 1,5cm thick) cut into 1,5cm cubes
    • Your favourite baby salad leaves, peppery mixtures including rocket are good
  • • ReModena Blueberry Infused Balsamic
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Unsalted Butter
  • Sea Salt and Fresh Black Pepper (grinder)


Preheat the oven to 170 fan. Put grapes in a small baking dish, drizzle with olive oil. Bake in the oven until the grapes start to wrinkle (about 20 minutes, but keep an eye on them). When done, remove and set aside.

In a good frying pan, toast the croutons on medium heat in a mixture of butter and oil until golden, drain, retaining the fat and set aside.

In the same fat, fry the pancetta until caramelized, lowering the heat part way through. Drain & keep warm.

Scatter the salad leaves on your serving plates. Increase heat under frying pan and cook goats cheese slices in the same fat, sprinkle with black pepper, turn and ensure browning but not oozy.

Distribute the pancetta, croutons and grapes over leaves, mix together lightly, top with goats cheese and the drizzle with the Blueberry Balsamic.

Relax, Eat and Enjoy!!